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The Board depends on a committee of technical advisors representing various environmental disciplines. In addition to their meeting monthly on research related topics, the committee spends considerable time reviewing habitat protection and restoration project proposals. The committee participates in site visits, evaluating proposals in their benefits to fish and certainty of success and makes recommendations to the Board on funding. 

March 8, 2017 TAC Meeting Materials



15-1087 Lacamas Creek

     Alternatives Table


     Design Report

13-1115 WF Grays Chum Channel

    Planning Document

    Crazy Johnson Preliminary Design

    WF Grays Design Report

2018 Technical Advisors

Daniel Evans, Vice Chairman

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

Jim Fisher

Private Consultant

Angela Haffie

WA Dept of Transportation

David Howe

WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife

Allen Lebovitz

WA Dept of Natural Resources

Sam Lohr

US Fish & Wildlife Service

Brett Raunig

WA Dept of Ecology

Rudy Salakory

Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Scott Sebring

NOAA Fisheries

Doug Stienbarger

WSU Extension

--Ex-Officio Seats

Governor's Salmon Recovery Office

USFS, Gifford-Pinchot

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