Call for Salmon Recovery Projects

The application deadline has passed for the 2021 Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery Grant Round.

Looking for funding for a salmon or water-related project? 

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board is soliciting proposals for salmon recovery monitoring and habitat assessments, designs, acquisition, and restoration projects under the Salmon Recovery Funding Board grant program.


21 final applications were submitted for the 2021 grant round. Materials can be reviewed by downloading the "Application Links" document below. 

Revised! Supporting Information for Benefits to Fish Scores are now available.


Key Dates:

  • Dec. 7 - Feb. 4: Pre-Proposal Meetings

  • Feb. 24: Complete applications due

  • Mar. 16 - 19: Virtual Tours 

  • Jun. 28: Application revisions due New! Application Links and Project Review Comments

  • Jul. 26: TAC project ranking meeting

  • Aug. 6: LCFR Board meeting to approve ranked project list

  • Sept. 22 - 23: Salmon Recovery Funding Board awards grants to projects



Looking for project ideas? 

The LCFRB hosted a regional habitat strategy workshop in 2018. This covered the technical foundation of the regional strategy, as well as recommended priorities for ESA-listed salmon and steelhead. 

The LCFRB Guiding Principles section of the grants manual summarizes regional habitat priorities.


Tidal habitat priorities and climate change considerations are also described for the region.


Watershed assessments include project lists. These are good places to look for more specific project opportunities.  

Still have questions? 

Reach out to Amelia Johnson and Steve West to learn more!