Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board as a Regional Salmon Recovery Organization

The federal Endangered Species Act requires the federal government to develop recovery plans for salmon determined to be at risk of extinction. In Washington state, seven regional organizations formed to develop recovery plans and coordinate implementation. Regional organizations are made up of local, state, and federal agencies, tribes, and citizens, and coordinate their efforts through the Council of Regions.

Map of the Regional Organizations in Washington State

Purpose and Roles
  • Provide a forum for communities to create and sustain local goals

  • Offer technical support to local salmon recovery projects

  • Foster implementation of recovery plans

  • Evaluate salmon recovery goals and identify needed changes

  • Help integrate salmon planning and recovery activities across federal and state agencies, tribes, local governments, and citizens

Map of the Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board region

Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board as a Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery

Lead entities are local, watershed-based organizations that develop local salmon habitat recovery strategies and then recruit organizations to do habitat protection and restoration projects that will implement the strategies. Lead entities perform an essential role in salmon recovery in Washington State. 

Established by law (RCW 77.85), the 25 lead entities consist of a lead coordinator, a committee of local, technical experts, and a committee of local citizens.  The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board is the Lead Entity for the southwest Washington area, as well as the Regional Salmon Recovery Organization. 

Map of the Lead Entities in Washington State