Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries Plan 

The CSF Plan's goal is to support efforts to return natural origin lower Columbia salmon and steelhead to healthy, harvestable levels while sustaining important fisheries.  The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board agreed to partner with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to publish the plan as part of the department’s implementation work scheduled called for in the Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery and Fish & Wildlife Subbasin Plan (Recovery Plan) (LCFRB 2010, NOAA 2013).  The plan encompasses the tenets of the recovery plan and acknowledges that an “all H” (Habitat, Hatcheries, Harvest, Hydro) approach to recovery is necessary.


The Plan focuses on hatcheries and harvest actions and describes how these two components will be used to facilitate a trajectory towards recovering salmon and steelhead populations in the lower Columbia River.  It provides:

  • background information on recovery planning efforts;

  • population assessments and recovery objectives;

  • species summaries and recovery targets;

  • hatchery and harvest impacts on natural populations;

  • hatchery and harvest reform;

  • detailed summary and hatchery and harvest actions;

  • projected fitness improvements;

  • implementation actions; and

  • monitoring and adaptive management.


The CSF Plan is the document that describes how the department’s hatchery and fishery reform

will occur in the lower Columbia River and how Region 5 is implementing the Commission’s

Hatchery and Fishery Reform Policy (POL-C3619).

Contributing Partners Jeff Breckel, Pat Frazier, Steve Manlow with Region V Director John Long