Watershed Planning
Managing a Precious Resource 

Adequate supplies of cool, clean water are essential to growing communities, regional economic growth, and healthy fish populations. The Board is the lead agency for watershed planning throughout the region. As lead agency, the Board is working with key local governments to organize a consensus process joining citizens, elected officials, and agency personnel to address long-term management of the region’s water resources. The planning process assesses water supplies and quality, current uses and future needs with the purpose of crafting strategies for ensuring adequate water supplies for both people and fish.

Planning Goals:

  • Develop a water quality/quantity management plan so we have good water in the future

  • Use water resources while preserving water quantity and quality

  • Involve the public early in decision-making

  • Maximize public involvement in development of our plan

  • Treat all water as a valuable resource

  • Develop strategies to work with federal, state and local governments and public/private interests with the goal of stabilizing and recovering native salmonids and their habitat

  • Ensure implementation of the plan

  • Maximize local control

Grays - Elochoman & Cowlitz Watersheds
WRIA 25/26

Mission - "To prepare a locally developed plan for the beneficial management of watershed resources addressing water quantity and quality, habitat, and in-stream flows to meet the present and future needs of our communities, local economies, and fish and wildlife."                                                      Operating Charter

Wind - Little White Salmon Rivers & Rock Creek Watersheds WRIA 29A

Mission - "To develop a watershed management plan from a community based partnership that encourages responsible long term watershed management to sustain, protect and improve water quality and quantity, aquatic and riparian habitat, and other natural resources, while contributing to long-term economic and community sustainability within the watershed."                                 Operating Ground Rules

Salmon-Washougal & Lewis Watersheds
WRIA 27/28

Mission - "To develop and implement a watershed management plan for the responsible use of water to balance the needs of people and natural resources."                                            Operating Charter

Our Partner - WA Department of Ecology

Funding the planning units is provided through grants from the Department.  More....