Recovering Salmon & Steelhead To Healthy, Harvestable Levels

We work with state and federal agencies, local governments and non-profits to design and implement restoration projects and innovative strategies that safeguard our water and natural resources and strengthen our communities.


We treasure the complex and diverse beauty of the Lower Columbia region. We want to support thriving urban and rural communities, ensure clean water and air, abundant and harvestable fish and wildlife, productive farms, healthy forests, and access to recreation and inspiration.

All fish in the Columbia River travel through our complex, diverse region. From the estuary to the Gorge, the Lower Columbia is home to more threatened salmon and steelhead populations than the rest of the Columbia River watersheds combined.  


Four of the 13 ESA-listed species depend on the tributaries of Lower Columbia. Vancouver/Clark County is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the state.  We seek to ensure that the future of our region retains what we love best about this unique place while maintaining thriving communities.  

Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board, 11018 NE 51st Circle, Vancouver, WA 98682    

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