Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Program 

The Recovery Plan asks a series of questions to guide the course of recovery and improving watershed health  -- Where are we?  How did we get here?  Where do we want to go?  How to we get there?  And how do we know we're there?  This last question sets the stage for evaluating our progress.  The Board's approach is comprehensive and depends on a number of programs to be successful.  


As part of the recovery plan development the Board established their Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Program to assist Lower Columbia planning partners in implementing monitoring.  The Board has developed additional monitoring methods and protocols in coordnation with the integrated status and trends monitoring program of the Pacific NW Aquatics Monitoring Partnership.  Ongoing fish status and trends monitoring is conducted through the WA Department of Fish and Widlife.  Habitat status and trends monitoring is currently under development.  When published the program will integrate the needs of SW Washington stormwater permittee for monitoring water quality with other habitat factors that affect salmon and steelhead.


The Intensively Monitored Watershed Project began in 2003 when the WA Departments of Fish & Wildlife and Ecology started conducted extensive habitat and fish monitoring in the Mill, Abenathy and Germany Complex with the goal of detecting change in the landscape and the health and viability of juvenille production and adult survival.  This complex was selected because of the proximity and common attributes.  The treatment plan identifies Mill Creek as the control reach, Germany Creek recieves nutrients enhancement and Abernathy receives habitat restoration work.  After collecting baseline information, the Board was funded to develop a  treatment plan to complete a series of high priority projects. Since then, several projects have been implemented.  Our sponsors include the regional Fish Enhancement Group, Columbia Land Trust, Cowlitz County Public Works and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe.  Read more...