Lower Columbia Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW)
Mill - Abernathy - Germany Complex

The purpose of the Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW) program is to determine whether restoration projects measurably increase salmonid production. This information will be used for adaptive restoration management and updating recovery plans. It involves 2 key elements:


• Monitoring fish populations and habitat conditions in treatment and control watersheds by the IMW Monitoring Team led by the WA Department of Ecology and WDFW; and


• Conducting extensive habitat restoration work in the Abernathy Creek and nutrient enhancement in Germany Creek.  The habitat restoration work is coordinated by us (LCFRB).


Baseline monitoring began in 2003 with funds from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board (SRFB). An IMW experimental design plan was completed in 2007 to guide monitoring activities. In January 2009, the LCFRB completed the IMW restoration treatment plan (Plan) for the MAG Complex. This work was funded by the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission (PSMFC) via the Washington Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO).


The restoration treatment plan (Plan) surveyed and ranked stream reaches in the Abernathy and Germany watersheds and identified potential projects based on species importance to recovery, estimated current and/or potential value of the area/site to target species, species life history stages and associated limiting factors or habitat attributes.


The Plan presents a three-phased approach to restoration project implementation with each phase comprised of 20 restoration projects. Projects are grouped by phase using potential interdependencies to promote economies of scale. The projects are also classified by “opportunities and constraints.” The estimated cost of implementing the Phase 1 projects is $6,025,830.

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