Watershed Assessments to Support Recovery

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board collaborates with recovery partners to develop watershed assessments (or strategies) that build on recovery plan information and actions. Assessments include project concepts and, in some cases, project designs in prioritized lists for implementation. Restoration and conservation organizations are encouraged to review these lists, and to select concepts and designs for implementation. Contact staff if you have questions on assessments or past project lists, or to inform the LCFRB that you are considering implementing an assessment concept or design.

You can review the following assessments on individual Habitat Studies pages. Designs are included when available. 

  • (Lower Gorge Tributaries) Woodard Creek Habitat Restoration Report (2007) 

  • Lower Cowlitz River and Floodplain Habitat Restoration Report (2008)

  • Lower Kalama River Off-Channel Habitat Assessment (2009)

  • Lewis River - Eagle Island Project Identification and Design (2009)

  • Lower East Fork Lewis River Habitat Restoration Plan (2009)

  • North Fork Toutle River Fish Passage and Sediment Assessment (2010)

  • Grays River Habitat Restoration Technical Report (2010)

  • Regional Culvert Inventory and Tidegate Assessment (2010)

  • IMW Treatment Plan (2009) and Treatment Plan Update (2016) - found under IMW Complex 

  • Wind River Habitat Restoration Strategy (2017)

  • Upper Cowlitz - Cispus Strategy (2019)