Recovering Salmon & Steelhead To Healthy, Harvestable Levels

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board is the Regional Salmon Recovery Organization and Lead Entity for salmon habitat restoration for the lower Columbia River in southwest Washington. The LCFRB works with a diversity of partners to recover species comprised of 74 distinct salmon, steelhead, and bull trout populations to healthy, harvestable levels by guiding implementation of the federally adopted recovery plan.
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The Pacific Northwest Aquatic Monitoring Partnership has published a new report summarizing take home messages from 13 IMW studies across the Pacific Northwest. The report provides the salmon recovery and habitat restoration community an initial indication of management implications from the IMW result to date, and how to apply this information to their own programs.

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Sampling salmon in the Lower Columbia Intensively Monitored Watershed study area. Photo courtesy of Jamie Lamperth.

Funding Opportunity for Projects In the Lewis River Basin

PacifiCorp has announced the availability of funds for aquatic related projects in the Lewis River basin in Clark and Cowlitz counties. The purpose of the fund is to support resource protection measures via aquatic related projects. Review the announcement for more information on eligibility and application requirements.

National Habitat, Climate and Infratructure Grants


Do you have a salmon recovery project that could use funding?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has funding opportunities through the Infrastructure Law targeting investments in the areas of habitat restoration, coastal resilience, and climate data and services to advance ongoing federal efforts toward building climate resilience. There are multiple grant programs available through this opportunity. Click the link below to find one that works for your projects!
News Release:
Biden Administration announces historic coastal and climate resilience funding

Reach out to LCFRB staff to discuss applicability of these programs to the Lower Columbia region, as well as restoration and recovery priorities to help guide and support your work. 
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Restoration on Little Cow Creek. Photo courtesy of Brice Crayne.


September 21-22 Salmon Recovery Funding Board Meeting

October 7 LCFRB Monthly Board Meeting, Contact Lorie for more information 

October 12 LCFRB TAC Monthly Meeting, Contact Lorie for more information

Recovery Plan Vision

"Washington lower Columbia salmon, steelhead, and bull trout are recovered to healthy, harvestable levels that will sustain productive sport, commercial, and tribal fisheries through the restoration and protection of the ecosystems upon which they depend and the implementation of supportive hatchery and fishery practices."